Welcome to Wink Vibracore

Portable VIBRACORE soil and sediment sampling drill system

 Wink Vibracore ( sonic ) drill Today’s WINK Vibracorer is even more important to industry and the scientific community. Access and remediation costs are skyrocketing, ground water resources are diminishing and environmental concerns are pushing global sediment investigations. The ability to capture and store ‘in situ’ core samples, preserving stratification, has never been more important. Vibracoring (sonic) equipment is used in more diverse applications every year and can provide innovative, economical research solutions in an environmentally responsible way.

Unique Sampling methods

Along with the development of the Drill System, we have developed our own specialized approach to the capture and storage of samples. These methods offer options that can be chosen to best suit the location and specific sample preservation requirements for your project.

Complete Drill system – our accessories or yours

The Wink Vibracore drill is a complete system, with unique, proprietary accessories designed to work efficiently with our equipment and coring methods. Our powerful operating system can also be used with the drilling and sampling accessories that you already own. A blank adaptor can be machined to convert to your equipment.

Vibracore or Sonic?

The terms ‘vibracore’ and ‘sonic’ both evolved as this industry developed and refer to the same drilling technology.