Welcome to Wink Vibracore

Today’s WINK Vibracorer is even more important to industry and the scientific community. Access and remediation costs are skyrocketing, ground water resources are diminishing and environmental concerns are pushing global sediment investigations. The ability to capture and store ‘in situ’ core samples, preserving stratification, has never been more important. The new Vibracorer is based on Fred’s original design, with the addition of technological improvements that make the drill even more effective. Vibracoring equipment is used in more diverse applications every year and can provide innovative research solutions in an economically and environmentally responsible way.

If your company has a need to sample unconsolidated ground strata anywhere in the world, please contact us to discuss your project and requirements. The WINK Vibracore Drill Company is committed to your success with our equipment.

Fred Wink invented the Wink Vibracore Drill with a vision to build a truly portable soil sampling drill system. His lifelong experience in diamond drilling and mineral exploration impressed upon him the universal need for a lightweight, powerful and portable drill. Born was a drill and equipment that could easily access remote locations and did not require water for its operation. Fred’s new drill could gather preliminary strata information before expensive equipment and site access costs were committed to a project. His minimalist design and quality construction would prove reliable and durable in the most remote of locations. This is attested by the fact that many of Fred’s original drills are still operating today after 20 or more years of service.